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June 2024 Meeting

Date Published: 24 Jun 2024 13:11

MOCFEST! 2024 was held May 18th and 19th at ABU games. We had a great event with over 800 attendees, over 200 MOCs, 57 builders and many activities and presentations. Many thanks to all of the builders, volunteers and people who attended the event. We received some great feedback and we are always open to more please send any feedback you have to

Planning for MOCFEST! 2025 is already underway. The theme will be "Locomotion" so we expect to see some great train layouts along with many other moving MOCs. The event will be held on the 21st and 22nd of June 2025 once again at ABU Games. We are seeking designs for trophies as well as a T-shirt design. Submit your ideas to by September. We will be discussing these ideas at our future meetings. We will have additional space for MOCs and we are planning on displaying Avatar once again. 

Brickslopes discount code is still available for ILUG members. Cutoff for custom T-Shirt is 15 July. Looking for ideas for the phrase on the back of the shirt. Last year was ILUG! ULUG? People interested in sharing rides or a place to stay can coordinate on Discord.

Space event at The Village in Meridian on Wednesday June 26th. We need Space Themed MOCs. We will be setting up the Saturn V and running a free play area between 11AM and 3PM. We will be setting up the Saturn V at about 10:30 AM.

Peter brought in some BrickHeadz he designed based on the new Friends minidolls. ShowAndTell1

We have been discussing having a Summer get together probably sometime in early August. We would like to meet at a park (i.e. Kleiner Park) for a potluck-style BBQ. We will be sending out some more information soon.

Many thanks to everyone who attended our June meeting, our next meeting will be on July 18th 7PM at Bricks & Minifigs. 



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