The Avatar Project

In October 2022 the Idaho LEGO Users Group was chosen by the LEGO company and Disney from hundreds of other groups to create a version of the Pandora world using LEGO Elements.

Several months of design work followed including prototype builds and CAD design work in Stud.IO - a digital LEGO design program. A final parts list was created and eight pallets full of bricks were delivered by LEGO at the end of January 2023.

After days of sorting and organizing the parts the building process began as the group worked to meet the three month deadline. Over a hundred builders came together to create this world working nights and weekends at Bricks and Minifigs in Boise, Idaho. Often builders would also take parts home to continue working during the day. School children as local elementary schools and local libraries also helped in the work.

The finished display contains over one million LEGO parts. Many of the animals such as the Banshee, Toruk Makto, Ilu, Skimwing and Tulkun are from official LEGO Avatar sets. Additional animals were designed by members of the IdahoLUG. Our builders worked over three thousand hours over a three month period to complete the display.