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June 2024 Meeting

6/24/2024 1:12:19 PM

Our June meeting "I'm Tired" was a great success. We discussed MOCFEST! 2024 and some ideas for MOCFEST! 2025. Upcoming event at the Village in Meridian.

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May 2024 Meeting

5/21/2024 3:27:24 PM

Recap of our May 2024 meeting, final planning and preparation for MOCFEST! 2024

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June 2024 Meeting

24 Jun 2024 13:11

MOCFEST! 2024 was held May 18th and 19th at ABU games. We had a great event with over 800 attendees, over 200 MOCs, 57 builders and many activities and presentations. Many thanks to all of the builders, volunteers and people who attended the event. We received some great feedback and we are always open to more please send any feedback you have to ...

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May 2024 Meeting

20 May 2024 15:48

Our May meeting was focused on preparation for MOCFEST! 2024. We spent some time discussing last-minute details and preparing for the show. We put together this year's trophies and assembled the builder bags with a bunch of cool gifts for our builders. We are looking for submissions for 2025 trophy ideas, please submit your ideas as a Stud.Io file or a picture of your prototype build to Greg. The trophy needs to be fairly easy to build and try to keep the parts cost low. MOCFEST2024_Trophy ...

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April 2024 Meeting

20 Apr 2024 15:41

Over the past three months, we have done ten STEM events starting with the BSU Engineering and Science Fair. We participated in eight Elementary STEM Nights and a First LEGO League event at Hubbard Elementary. ...

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March 2024 Meeting

22 Mar 2024 17:36

Our March meeting was on March 21st, and we discussed our many upcoming events. These include several STEM events with local elementary schools, HACKFORT and MOCFEST! 2024. ...

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We had a busy meeting discussing the many STEM events we have been doing around the valley. We have already supported three elementary school STEM nights as well as the BSU Engineering and Science festival. There are still four more already on the calendar. ...

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The Boise State University Engineering and Science Festival was a five-hour event from 10AM till 3PM on Saturday, February 3rd. The event took place in many buildings around campus. We were located in the BSU Gymnasium in front of Extra Mile Arena.  ...

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January 2024 Meeting

20 Jan 2024 21:29

2023 was a very busy year for the LUG. We spent over 3000 hours on the Avatar project and displayed it in Idaho, Utah and California. We participated in many STEM events at several elementary schools and put on MOCFEST! in October. We are going to build on the momentum of last year by starting this year off quickly.  We have eight STEM events scheduled including: ...

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